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01 May 2010 @ 10:34 pm
Ugh, 80°F and 70% humidity can suck my dick. Seriously. I went out this morning to take one of my dogs to get a rabies vaccine (and then again when she escaped from the backyard in the afternoon D: the perils of having so many pets) and that was about it for me.

So, in lieu of going outside, I caught up with this season of Big Bang Theory. I love Sheldon to a ridiculous degree, even though I know that in real life I would probably punch him in the mouth. Or rather, somewhere around his spleen as I'm 5'1" and he is some kind of giant.

Also,  I organized iTunes. why in the hell do I have so many duplicates? Especially of songs I don't even really enjoy?! I hate that I have to scour all 19,654 songs to catch some of them because whoever I got the music from misspelled something or did/didn't put 'the' in front of the band name. D:

In other news, my hair can also suck my dick. I look at it every day like "what is this I don't even."  I've kept it short for roughly the last 7 years, so I though I might try to grow it out some. HAHAHA...no. As soon as I have some money, it is getting chopped back off.

Also, Twentysomething liked my podfic of "Brother Lover," which makes me wriggle with happiness :D
Current Music: the sound of my cat Zoe lapping at her water bowl
mherldmherld on April 22nd, 2011 04:04 pm (UTC)
hi i don't even know you but ohmygod, you just gave that bambi prompt on the andrew/jesse thread and i saw your dp and i NEEDED to tell you that it is incredibly awesome and uh okay, that's about it. sorry for the mild stalking your journal, it was all in a good cause!