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02 April 2010 @ 12:24 pm
Supernatural 5x15  
Guys. GUYS. OMG. LIKE, REALLY? I can't even.

This episode broke my heart into so many tiny pieces. I just...I don't even. Where to start?

First off, I loved it. The writers did an amazing job KILLING ME DEAD. I think everything was so well done that I could do a scene-by-scene breakdown of awesomeness, but that would take forever.

I loved the opening scene with the boys getting shot. Just fantastic! Also, Ash! At first I was all, "wtf, luchador?" but when he took off the mask I literally yelled "ASH!" happily. I've missed his super-smart be-mullet-ed face. Seeing Pamela again was also lovely!

Ash sliding in that bit about finding the boys upstairs before? Wow. Awesome sly reveal.

I have to agree with Dean that Heaven seems lonely. I mean, unless you are Ash and have figured out how to jump Heavens.

I can't even say anything about the fact that all of Sam's best memories are Dean's worst. Or that all of Dean's best memories involve making his family happy. Just...yeah.

The scene with Zacharia and Mary? I was literally cringing and going "ew. Ew. EW. STOP." Way to be a creeper, Zach. Also, apparently a combination of a seraph (six wings) and a cherub (four faces, one of a lion).

The scene with Joshua was achy. Hearing that God is on Earth but refuses to do anything? How devastating and infuriating for the boys and Cas to learn that everything they have done has been for nothing? That their last, best hope can offer them nothing?

Speaking of Cas, his growing intensity through the episode was great. When he said, very firmly, that he couldn't enter Heaven anymore my brain automatically tacked "Remember?" on to the end. His tone said it all, there. I can't lie, I was really upset about him becoming more emotional, more human. I desperately don't want him to become the Cas of 5x04. The final scene, with Cas looking devastated before calling God a son of a bitch and returning Dean's necklace was just beautiful and heartbreaking.

As for the boys at the end...I'll just be over here, weeping in the corner. I had a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach when Dean didn't immediately put the necklace back on. When he stopped with his fist over the trash can, I let out a "No. Don't do it, don't you dare do it." And when he let it drop? I may have made a noise like someone punched me in the gut. I just...my heart! What does this even mean for the guys? Also, with all the stuff you've gone through, why is this the last straw?


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